Stuck sticks in your funny bone.

Published on: January 9, 2016

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By Amos Crawley

Natasha Boomer headlines this nightly improv performance in Factory Theatre’s Antechamber as part of the Fringe’s Next Stage Theatre Festival. It can sometimes feel like tokenism when a festival like this includes an improv show as part of their program—especially when ghettoized into what is essentially a breakroom. The great thing of course is that it simply doesn’t matter—you can improv anywhere yeah? Each evening, Boomer will be joined by a different artist for a 2 handed show based around the idea of being stuck somewhere—kinda like a Waiting For Godot with slightly more dick jokes (maybe, probably.) On the evening I saw the show there were some hit or miss jokes, but the show lived well within the wheelhouse of Boomer’s boundary pushing, oversharing style (pejorative though that sounds, it’s intended as a compliment.) With some great accomplices rotating through, it’s well worth a half hour in a semi darkened room. Enjoy.

Stuck is on at the Factory Theatre Antechamber until January 17. For times and tix click here.

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