She’s Black, He’s Jewish and they’ve both got some wisdom for you

Published on: July 10, 2014

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Love, Marriage, Inter-racial relationships, the Fringe – what’s not to like about this combo?! In their comedic Fringe hit She’s Black, He’s Jewish, They’re Married, Oy vey!, Epstein and Hassan (aka The Black and The Jew) dole out some background on their show and some tidbits for life below:

1.  You presumably had/still have a fabulous marriage; what was the point in your relationship when you knew you had the secrets to relationship success AND good fodder for a comedy show? Those can be pretty different criteria.
It was 12 years into our marriage, a number of our friends  got divorced and we realized that even though we had no money, we were living in a tiny apartment with the shower in the kitchen, our marriage was successful.  So we wanted to share our wisdom with others that it wasn’t just about the material things that create a successful marriage, you have to like each other, forgive each other and help each other.
Regarding using our life experiences to create comedy Hassan was performing a one women show called: “Everything The White Culture Wanted To Learn About The Black Culture And Was To Scared To Ask So They Watched The Bill Cosby”.
Epstein was voted class clown in Canarsie High School in  Brooklyn New York, a school filled with blacks, Jews and Italians, so you know he’s funny.  We came together and magic was created.

2.  Ideally everyone should come and see your show at the Toronto Fringe; but for those that just can’t, what’s the top piece of sage advice you can give? There can be 2 pieces of advice if you differ on the top choice.
1.  Always tell the truth in relationships no matter how uncomfortable!
2. Learn how to forgive your partner and practice saying your sorry to your partner EVEN when you know you’re right!

3. Do you feel the show has strengthened your relationship? Helped you through difficulties? How?
Yes because we share a common mission and purpose which is very important for couples.

4. The show description on the Fringe website says “if the audience laughs, we have great sex that night.” Presumably the audience laughs every night, sooooooo do you really have sex after EVERY show?! (be honest, there’s no judging)
Yes we do either as a duo or a solo, the key is to cum!

5.  So what’s next? Will you take over the marriage classes deemed mandatory by the Catholic Church? Where else will you be spreading your love advice?
We spread our advice live weekly in New York City at a Greenwich Village Club!  We will be spreading “blackjewlove Technology live in Philadelphia in September.  Also it’s available worldwide on our radio podcast on the BLACKANDTHEJEW COMEDY HOUR on BREADTHRURADIO.COM

2 more chances to see the Black and the Jew in action: July 11 at 04:00 PM and July 12 at 02:15 PM at the Annex Theatre (736 Bathurst St.).  For show info click here. For ticket info click here. 

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