RocketBaby leaves a lot to be desired (like a non-creepy looking baby for starters)

Published on: July 10, 2014

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By Tessa Hill

RocketBaby is a play about two siblings who don’t get along. Dylan and Ruth, who go on an intergalactic adventure after receiving an interesting toy from their grandmother: a rocket on one side, and a baby on the other. The brother and sister play very differently with the toy; Dylan likes the rocket and Ruth likes the baby. Throughout the 45-minute show, they repeatedly travel to different planets such as the moon, saturn, and pluto, until they finally travel back home and learn to play well with each other.

I was disappointed by this production. It really did seem to be a promising play, judging from the description and first impression of the set when walking into the theatre. A black curtain sprinkled with white Christmas lights hung at the back of the stage and a wooden teeter-totter was placed in the middle of the stage; it was an interesting design and I wondered exactly what role it would play in the performance (the actors used the teeter-totter as a kind of spaceship that they sat on and used throughout the play). Despite the few times when the looked as though they would fall off the moving structure, it was a creative and interesting choice. Unfortunately, it may have been the best part of the play.

RocketBaby lacked story, which is probably the most important part of a play. There was hardly any dialogue, other than the repetitive chanting of “Rocket! Baby!”, and the storyline was generally thin. It was not engaging or at all interesting, and the bits of story that it did contain were mostly out of context. The puppetry in the play was also kind of disappointing and slightly creepy. The toy in the play (the Rocket-Baby) was almost well done except for the baby part of Rocket-Baby, that looked a little terrifying for the play.

Overall, RocketBaby had potential as a children’s play but instead lacked what makes a show interesting and entertaining.

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