Elly’s Emotions is weird and pretty wonderful

Published on: July 6, 2014

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By Tessa Hill

ELLY’S EMOTIONS is a musical about a young imaginative, emotional girl who is having trouble with school.  She is very popular and has lots of friends until the dreaded Wii gaming system comes along, and her friends no longer want to play outside and use their imagination. Elly is deemed ‘weird’ because of her disinterest in Wiis, her need to play, and her extreme emotions. Elly is just different from everyone else. She dresses differently, she hates TV, and she listens to Tom Waits. But even she thinks her and her family (her mother the yoga teacher, and her annoying teenage brother) are weird. She is longing for friends and especially for people to come to her upcoming birthday party. After a failed attempt at showing-off during Show-and-Tell, Elly decides to steal the very thing that started this: the Wii. After something goes wrong and she is caught, Elly’s brother shows her that being weird is okay.

The show stars teen television actress Torri Webster, who recently starred in Canadian sitcom “Life with Boys“. Webster was very good in the show, proving that she can indeed sing and act, and the ensemble were great as well. The music in the show was fairly interesting, and it was well performed by the actors and an accompanist on keyboard. The set was minimal but effective, and so was the lighting. Overall there were not elements of the production that stood out or were particularly fantastic, but the genuine performances from the actors made for a really enjoyable play.

This is a really sweet play that communicates a great message. Although the morals do get a little wonky near the end when Elly is not properly talked to about stealing the Wii, the overall message about the importance of being yourself is very evident. As a teenager, this musical spoke to me. I could relate to the thoughts and emotions of 8-year-old Elly who sounded a lot like a 14-year-old middle schooler trying to fit in. Although this play was not specifically targeted at my age group, it was relatable for almost everyone. I could see almost every adult and child in the theatre engaged in the play, because everyone understands Elly; we’re all weird.

I definitely recommend ELLY’S EMOTIONS as one of the plays to see this year at FringeKids!. It is a charming musical that everyone will enjoy.

ELLY’S EMOTIONS is on at the Toronto Fringe Fest For show info click here. For tix click here. 

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