2-Man No-Show is aimless knee-slapping hilarity

Published on: July 3, 2014

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2-Man No-Show live up to their name at the Fringe this year. A last minute addition to the Fringe Festival, Ken Hall and Isaac Kessler, the duo that comprise comedy team, really don’t have a show for you.  Seriously.

What they do is perform a series of long-form Improv skits that are supposed to be efforts to workshop new material for an upcoming show ‘Frozens’; what it seemed like is that they were aimlessly making it up as they went along (it IS improv after all). But it doesn’t really matter what they do because I think it would all be hilarious anyway. It took approx. 1.5 skits for the duo to hit their stride, but once they did, it was pure silly joy. Kessler and Hall have fab chemistry and no fear of commitment to an idea. It’s inspiring and totally hysterical.  If you’re worried about hitting a Fringe dud, this is a more than safe bet for time well spent.

2-Man No-Show: Frozens is on at the Theatre Passe Muraille Backspace. For show info click here, for tix click here.

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