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Published on: February 18, 2014

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Whether you identify with male or female, the common notion of “having it all” is (hopefully) understood as an unrealistic expectation. However there ARE those people that do seem to lean more towards the “totally put together” package than others, and Monica Dotter is definitely one of those “put together” types.
Dancer, Actor, Director (see her SummerWorks show, Petrichor!), Singer, and Choreographer are SOME of the hats Monica wears as an artist.  She’s got a Dora award, a great head of hair and is usually sporting cute couture.
Oh, did I mention that she’s also funny, intelligent and lovely to be around?
It’s all true.  Here she is in 10 questions:

1. Where do you work/What do you do? Can you sum it up in 3 sentences or less?
I am an independent artist who works as an actor, a choreographer and a dancer. I also have a project based dance and I sing in a funk band

2. Why the arts? What’s made you focus your extra energy on theatre?
I come from a family of classical violinists so I was always around the arts and artists. I found my own path in Theatre and dance from a very young age. Also I’m allergic to math and science so I unfortunately had to give that up somewhere around Grade 12 calculus and physics.

3. The arts have a reputation for being lots of work and little pay – true or false? Care to elaborate?
I would say that’s true….you definitely work more hours than you are paid for but I put in those hours willingly and often lose myself in the work so I can’t complain too much about that.  I really enjoy the work and  I think if you are going to be in this business it probably helps to love it!

4. What’s the best thing about working in theatre in Toronto?
The community of amazing artists!!!!

5. What’s the worst thing about working in theatre in Toronto?
Ummm….Opening night nerves? That’s not specific to Toronto though!

6. What’s an adjective that can describe most of your days at your job?
Instinctive. Adventurous.

7. Describe (in 3 sentences or less) what your favourite memory is from your current job.
All the laughing with the company of Petrichor!  And Andrew Penner, Henry Adam Svec & Erin Brandenburg’s songs and words.

8. What’s the last play that you saw that really made an impression on you? 
War Horse. My husband Ryan Hollyman is in it!

9. If you could do any other job, arts professional or not, what would it be? 
If there was a career in making up titles for things I might be able do that. I’d be a title-ist….

10. If the Toronto theatre scene was a woman, what advice would you offer her?
Always try to be open minded and kind to everyone.

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