Bonkers and silly, Weather the Weather is totally fun

Published on: December 15, 2013

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Actors in Weather the Weather



By Jeffrey Johns

Guys?  I.  Loved.  This.  Play.
You should go see it.  In fact, right now, before you read any further, I suggest you open up another tab on your browser, go to: and buy some tickets, then come back here and finish reading this fabulous review.

Back? Good.  K, where was I?  Oh yeah, the awesomeness of this play.  Why did I like it so much? Because it was kinda bonkers.  As we make our way around the Brickworks grounds, we are made privy to a fantastical world that, while bearing similarities to various mythologies, is uniquely its own.  Along the way, we are introduced to the inhabitants of this world, some human, some…gnomish, and some I have no idea what, all with their own idiosyncrasies.  A spunky sister and her got-hit-by-lightning-and-is-still-carrying-a-charge-so-you-can’t-touch-him-or-you-will-get-zapped brother.  A lonely queen and her minions.  A lost magical prince wandering the barren land trying to find the correct notes for his rendition of a “Foreigner” song.  Like I said, bonkers.

To me, the play played (yes I just wrote “play played” – sue me) a little bit like a live action episode of “Adventure Time”.  Crazy world.  Crazy characters. Crazy things happening.  But running beneath it all, a theme of goodness.  And optimism.

And, never mind that, you get to watch a play outside! In the winter!  What could be more Canadian!?  Plus, as long as they won’t freeze to death, it’s great for kids too! (Although I suspect that a lot of the humour may go over kids seven and under’s heads)

Look, up there, where I suggested that you stop reading this review and go buy tickets? We both know that you didn’t do it.  JJ ain’t no fool.  You just kept riiiiiight on readin’.  And that’s ok.  I don’t blame you.  But you should see this play.  Because it’s pretty freakin’ great.

The rating? Twenty seven and a half Go See Its out of five.

Weather the Weather is on now at the Evergreen Brickworks (outside!). For tix click here. 

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