Final Savage Land – get there!

Published on: August 16, 2013

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By Melissa Farmer

The pacing in Alison Cumming’s installation/dance piece, Final Savage Land, is so deliberate that even the tiniest movements are mesmerizing.  Linnea Swan and Luke Garwood demonstrate absolute control as they to-and-fro through a post-apocalyptic terrain (I think, both literal and figurative).  I can’t remember how long the first movement lasts (consisting of the two pacing back and forth and back and forth along the length of the Theatre Centre Pop-Up’s alley space) because I was so transfixed. The slightest movements  build the tension here; lifts gradually become trickier, heights become greater, stakes higher, and letting go, even more devastating.  Gabriel Cropley’s makeshift lighting and Lyon Smith’s hypnotic sounds enable the perfect space to wander along with our couple, and when it all becomes too much, the glimpses of life outside on busy Queen Street act as the perfect counterpoint.
There are three shows left – get there!

Final Savage Land is on at the Theatre Centre (1095 Queen St. W) until Sunday, August 18. For tickets click here.

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