ROVERO & JULIET: Let’s stop dumbing down Shakespeare, shall we? Even for the kids.

Published on: July 9, 2013

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By Tessa Hill

ROVERO and JULIET was not quite the Shakespeare rendition I had hoped to see.

This version of Romeo and Juliet uses Cats and Dogs as the Catulet’s and the Muttague’s (Capulet’s and Montague’s). The play sticks to the basis of the original story, but tones it down a bit to appeal to younger children. Like many new arrangements of Shakespeare work, the playwrights have slipped in modern references so kids will relate to the piece. Instead of being a tragedy, they have also changed the ending to a happier one, with no death.

The set and costume design of this show was awesome. The set was interesting, and well designed to make it easy to change between scenes. Unfortunately, there were a few set mishaps between the changes, but they were fixed quickly. ROVERO AND JULIET is performed using puppets, which were amazing and well made: a highlight of the production.

This show was fun and it kept the audience’s attention, but the writing and the jokes were not great. There were jokes and characters that were not needed or well explained. The character of the Friar was a camel puppet with somewhat of a South Asian accent, which was a bit distasteful on their part, and there was a lot of “puppet kissing” throughout the show.

Every year, many shows at FringeKids! try their best to turn a Shakespeare play into a show filled with pop culture references that kids will understand and relate to, but I think that next time everyone should steer away from Shakespeare, and just create a good piece of children’s theatre

4 shows left at Palmerston Theatre (560 Palmerston Ave.) For tix click here or call: 416-966-1062

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