BREMEN ROCK CITY is a highlight of FringeKids

Published on: July 11, 2013

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By Tessa Hill

Song Trolley Productions is rocking the Palmerston Library Theatre with their musical BREMEN ROCK CITY.

The play is about a donkey named Jack, who leaves his life on the farm to travel to Bremen Rock City and become a star. On the way, he meets other animals and they decide to form a band called The Strays.
Upon arriving in Bremen City, the band enters a battle of the bands contest and all goes wrong.

This musical is perfect for kids. It has catchy songs, great characters, some funny jokes, and is long enough to get a story in a short enough amount of time for the audience not to get restless. The costumes were simple and easy, along with the set as well.

Despite being a small production, BREMEN ROCK CITY was a great children’s musical and a highlight of FringeKids.
Only 2 shows left at Palmerston Library Theatre (560 Palmerston Ave.)!

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