SummerWorks Performance Fest GM, Lucy Eveleigh

Published on: August 8, 2012

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Excited for SummerWorks? You’re not the only one.
Lucy Eveleigh is making her General Manager debut at the SummerWorks Performance Festival and her enthusiasm for the next eleven days is evident.
Check ‘er out below  – and then check out the fest!

1.How do you participate in the SummerWorks Performance Festival, and why is your job important to it?
I am the General Manager – I oversee the entire administration of the festival. My job is important because without someone to oversee every aspect of the festival it might be sheer chaos. If you have a question about the festival I should have the answer.

2. Why do you engage with the SummerWorks Performance Festival? What has it taught you as an artist?
This is my first year with the festival, but since I moved to Toronto from the UK I have always attended the festival and thought it was an incredibly important part of the tapestry of the city. So far it has taught me how supportive the artistic community is here.

3. What advice would you give to a newbie SummerWorks attendee so that they really get a feel for the festival?
I would say see as much as you possible can, come to the info booth (The LOT -100 Ossington Ave.) and ask a ton of questions and alternate between the Performance Bar and the Music Series. Talk to everyone and understand that in 11 days you will get very little sleep but it will be totally worth it.

4. Why do you think SummerWorks is important to the Toronto, and national, arts scene?
I think it allows for artists and audience to take risks that they wouldn’t necessarily be able to take. We use venues across Toronto and engage the city in a way that is completely unique.
For eleven days art is everywhere.

The festival allows the public to see shows for $15 and some for pay-what-you-can or free, which makes it incredibly accessible. This is key to our success.  If we can encourage people who maybe don’t go and see the arts usually to come and check us out, then we are taking a tiny step towards inspiring them to make the arts a part of their lives.

We are always growing and this is especially true of the National Series and some of the national and international artists presenting at SummerWorks.  Being able to bring companies from across Canada here is wonderful as well as expanding our invitations to professional presenters and press from across the country squarely makes this one of the preeminent fests for top theatre and musical talent.

5. There’s never enough time to flesh out all we want to in our jobs, so what do you wish you had more time to do with your job?
Just more organisation – I want to spend some quality time with databases and filing cabinets.

6. Female, artistic/creaitve influnences; who were yours?
For me, from an admin point of view my favourite ladies are the ones who give you their time and who are patient and calm. That is what I strive to be. People who care about what they do and want to share their knowledge because they want to make things better – Denyse and Kelly from Nightwood, Camilla Holland, Jane Marsland and Jacoba Knaapen are a a few ladies who have taken their time for me and it is a gift.

7. Finish this sentence: If the SummerWorks Performance Festival were a woman, she would __nurture the hell out of Canadian arts____
Ha! She already is (a woman)!

8. Money, (wo)man power, and time aren’t issues: what do you want SummerWorks to do next?
I don’t know if I can say that yet – I am pretty proud of what we are already doing and I want to make sure that everyone involved is constantly learning and discovering, and above all, having a good time. If we can keep that going then who knows what is around the corner.
As soon as I have recovered from this festival, I’ll start thinking about the next.

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