Review of Fringe Kids Something From Nothing by Tessa Hill

Published on: July 10, 2012

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The play “Something from Nothing” is truly something.

It is the story of a little boy named Joseph, his mother, his father and his Zaida.  Joseph loves a blanket made by his Zaida (Grandpa). The story begins when Joseph is a toddler and slowly over the years his blanket grows old and worn, so he takes it to his Zaida to fix.  He cuts and sews and finally turns it into a jacket for Joseph. Over the course of the play the coat turns into vest, a tie, a handkerchief, and finally a button.

The mice from the classic storybook come to life through puppetry. They are performed beautifully and very well. Traditional music is used in the play such as songs sung at celebrations. The set was wonderful and full!. It was used extremely well by the actors.

“Something from Nothing” was sweet, playful and funny! It was definitely the best play of the Fringe and I think that everyone should see it!

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