Interested in the Fringe Festival? Of course you are.

Published on: June 28, 2012

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It’s baaaaaaackkk!
July 2012 brings us The Fringe Festival once again, and this year we Fringe from July 4-15.
Still unsure of how and what? Read on.

The Fringe Festival is sincerely one of the most fun and unique events in the city.  Even if you’re still unsure about theatre’s role in your life (feel free to contact me STAT to talk about this), the Fringe is a fun, easy, low-commitment way to see theatre and/or experience some art made by enthusiastic participants.
Start by checking out  Easy to navigate and lots of info.
If you’re overwhelmed by the number of shows to see and have no idea which would tickle your fancy, read about them!  This takes some time but is well worth it.  Until I did my show research, I didn’t know that Judith Thompson was doing a show (RARE) with teenagers with Downs Syndrome, or that one of my fav. Chekhov plays would be on (THE BEAR), or that I’d have the chance to relive the hilarity of The Soaps.  Now these three are on my must-see list and I feel better about life in general.

If you’re up for at least 5 shows (highly do-able since most shows are approx. 60 mins), consider getting a Fringe pass to save you time and money. Click here for a link to buy multi-ticket packs. Very worth it.

If you’re looking for a more in=depth Fringe experience – which is both inclusive and a good time, check out the Fringe Club and Artist Alley.  Located in the parking lot behind Honest Ed’s, the Fringe Club is a casual hang out for Fringe participants, organizers and aficionados. Have a beer, have some food, or just sit down and listen. It’s a great inside scoop on the Toronto theatre scene and super people watching.
The theatre community LOVES to welcome non-traditional theatre goers. Attracting new peeps to the theatre is part of our raison d’être so please do not feel intimidated or that you’re not part of the gang. The theatre wants you.  BADLY.  The only danger is a show of too much affection on our part.

The Fringe Festival is an annual breath-of-fresh air for the Toronto theatre scene. There’s an atmosphere of anticipation and excitement that surrounds it and those who love it, make spreadsheets for shows, hit the artist alley talks, and the beer tent, daily and are bleary eyed and sleep deprived by the time it’s over. Yet they do it all again the next year.
Check it out for the first time or explore it in a different way than before. I don’t know anyone who’s ever regretted getting more Fringe.
For Theatre Isn’t Dead coverage of the Fringe see the FESTIVALS tab in the menu bar at the top of the page.

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